Military & Police Equipments

AcsEsi  designs, develops, manufactures and sells a wide choice of customized equipment ranging from holsters to weaponry like the famous CORNER SHOT  (exclusive distribution), for army, police and other special forces around the globe.  

AcsEsi  is also the French distributor of MAROM-DOLPHIN & RABINTEX, Israeli based companies that highly benefit from their founders’ knowledge, who are all still active officers in special units.

Being always attentive to the needs of elite forces all over, we provide suitable custom-made products such as sacks (equipment and medical supplies), bulletproof vests, tactical modular vests, ballistic shields and helmets.

The products manufactured and distributed by us meet the best international standards :

     - ISO 9002,

     - MIL. STD.105D,

     - MIL-I-45208,

     - AQAP (German forces & NATO),

     - NIJ 0101.03 bullets


AcsEsi  displays its wide and innovative range of products at various international security trade fairs such as :

     - MILIPOL, in France & Qatar


     - IWA in Germany 

     - and others in the USA and Turkey

  • We can either :

     - Design and manufacture a specific  and personalized equipment to meet your requirements

     - As per customer request, upgrade and manufacture an existing one

Our  references : French police/military special forces (GIGN, RAID, BRI, SDLP "SPHP", BAC, PI2G, PSIG), Middle East and Africa police/military special forces (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon, Gabon, Guinea-Conakry, etc.)

Personal :

  •     Ballistic Material :

     - Kevlar / Flexible

     - Goldflex / Flexible

     - Spectra / Flexible

     - Ceramic plates / Rigid

     - Dynema plates / Rigid

  •     Ballistic Protection Level :

     - Flexible   < 3A

     - Rigid        > 3 & 4


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