Private Investigations Department:

In certain cases:

  • It is your own responsibility to show proof,
  • You must assess third-party reliability,
  • You want to know about the trustworthiness of a close one
If you are in a position to undertake these actions or any other, then call in immediately ACS-ESI that has a network of private detectives who meet all requirement for this very narrowly specialized activity namely efficiency, reliability, tactfulness, etc.

Any task given to AcsEsi is framed through a legal contract signed by the two parties which mentions that a detailed report will be issued at the end of the mission including an invoice  in accordance with CNSP-ARP rules of ethics (Professional National Body of Private Detectives).

Any task or mission is covered by the Professional confidentiality and is not objected to any disclosure except a detailed report issued to the client or his lawyer under their own responsibility.

Please take into account that a private detective has to meet his obligation which does not mean an obligation of result at all implying that  fees are legally owed whatever the inquiry result is.

Final AcsEsi Information:

  • Fees are priced by mutual agreement with the client at the beginning of the mission and vary from the mission duration, its complexity and means implemented.
  • Depending of the mission, some payment options can be offered to the client (Fees are calculated by the hour, daily or weekly flat rate or mission flat rate nevertheless).

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