Executive Protection Service

AcsEsi  provides comprehensive professional security solutions for multinational corporations and public or private sector clients either in France or abroad. Our company provides the optimal, hassle-free environment for customers that need to focus on their business or leisure activities.

  • Travel Security Briefing

A comprehensive, client-tailored executive protection service offering peace-of-mind for clients in familiar/unfamiliar territories and risky environments. Moreover  AcsEsi  provides security briefing on recommended behaviors and specific cautions related to  the area visited (Do’s and Don’ts  list, recommended places to stay in, etc...) :

 - Organized and well-planned trips,

 - Easy and quick passage from place to place,

 - Effective time utilization,

All this in order to optimize trip objectives.

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  • Secure Transportation

For businessmen and corporate staff arriving to new environments ACS-ESI  provides vehicle and/or airborne transportation with a superior standard of comfort, convenience and security.

  • Personnel

The executive protection field demands beyond pure strength, real and deep knowledge, extended experience completed by strong emotional stability. The AcsEsi  team members are recruited based on these criteria and other paramount qualities such as :

 - Availability

 - Discretion

 - Commitment

They also should :

 - Be qualified first-aid assistant

 - Master at least the English language

Finally, knowhow and experience are constantly improved via regular and updated trainings given by high level international instructors, which means for all AcsEsi  professionals similar approach and way of working, the result being a united team at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Facilities

Our team sets up static posts, patrols and intervention teams depending on the following methodology :

 - Risk assessment

  • Property’s location,
  • Property’s surrounding,
  • Etc...

 - Necessary security measures to mitigate the identified risks

 - The client existing security measures

 - Analyze a gap between II and III

Design and action plan to meet the gap

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